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Welcome to SIA Kennel Club!

SIA is a kennel club for petz. The letters stand for everything that top quality, purebred dogz & catz are: Stunning, Intriguing, and Astounding! Do you not know what petz is? Well click here! SIAKC offers shows in a organized manner, accepting only real breeds of dogz & catz. We also have breed clubs and much more! To find out a little more about our shows, please visit the forum.

November 8, 2002
Hello everyone! Kat will be M.I.A. for awhile which means you will need to start sending your registrations to me again at the e-mail address listed on the registry page. If you have sent any registrations, or have gotten any registrations from Kat, please send me your registered petz information so that I can update my records! Thank you. All Unprotected shows and showcases will be postponed. Thank you again, and enjoy the SIAKC!

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