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Obedience trials are a completely different kind of showing. Instead of judging the dog on conformation, the dog is judged on its training and ability to perform commands. Training your dog to compete in obedience can be an even more rewarding experience than conformation shows.


There are two classes of obedience shows: Novice and Open. Until your dog has four Obedient Petz points (OP points), he must be entered in Novice Obedience shows which earn your petz OP points. When your dog has four OP points, you may apply for your Obedient Petz (OP) certificate (on title registry page), and enter in Open shows which earn your petz UOP points or Ultimate Obedient Petz. The rules of both classes are below. The pictures may be combined into one big image, or sent seperately. It is up to the head of the show to decide how they want the pictures named.


There are 4 exercises required in the Novice category. Each exercise is worth 25 points, for a total of 100 points altogether. Descriptions of each exercise are below.

-Sit-Stay: The petz must in the sit position facing the camera.

-Down-Stay: The Petz must be facing the camera, and lying down

-Stand for Exam: This is simply a pose picture, forward facing, and side facing poses will both do.

-Recall: The petz must be running from left to right, facing right, with its eyes focused on it's destination. The petz legs may either be tucked in, or extended.



The judge must decide how the dog is performing the exercise, and give each dog points per exercise. For example, Dog A must get a score in Sit-Stay, Down-Stay, etc. Then, when all of the scores are given, the judge must add the dog's scores in each exercise together to form a total score.
Once each dog's total score has been calculated, the ones who have below a 95 are disqualified. If Dog A got 90 points, Dog B got 96 points, and Dog C got 95 points, then only Dogs B and C may place.
The number of placements is decided by the number of dogs who entered the show, not the number who qualified. If there were 20 entries, but only 12 dogs qualified, the judge awards placements based on the 20 dogs rather than the 12.

Placement Chart
2 entries - 1 placement awarded
3 entries - 2 placements awarded
4 entries - 3 placements awarded
5-20 entries - 4 placements awarded
In a class with more then 21 entries one Honorable Mention placement shall be awarded, with an additional HM for every 5 entries after that.
21 - 25 - 1 through 4 plus one HM
26 - 30 - 1 through 4 plus two HMs
31 - 35 - 1 through 4 plus three HMs
... and so on. All placements in an Obedience Trial recieve one OD point.


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