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The purpose of STAR Shows is to bring a place into the SIAKC where petz who are not fully registerable can compete in shows and earn Champion and Grand Champion titles.  Only petz with a registration number that begins with ST---  can enter STAR Showz.  Please read all the rules below to find out how to enter and also how to become a STAR Show judge.

- Only ST registered petz may enter!!
          Ex #:  ST00012
- You may enter up to 7 petz per show
- Entries should include a pose pic and the trick specified by the show holder
  **  Showz will last for two weeks each **
- Each show holder can choose a trick from one of the following to put in a certain show.  Tricks will change each show, and it is the person who is hosting the show who will tell you which trick to use. 
   1) Ball Balance-
- For the ball balance, dogz should be facing the side with the ball clearly balanced on their nose.  The ball should not look like it's floating in mid-air and the dog should be focused intently on the ball.  The dog can be facing either to the left or right, as long as it's sitting the the side. ** To get your dog to perform this trick, wave a treat over one of the balls.  The dog will do a number of things with it, but only reward it once it has balanced the ball on it's nose**
  2) Ball Toss- (for catz)
- Since I don't think catz like to balance balls on their nose, when you enter a cat into a competition where it says to include the ball balance trick, you can enter a pic of your cat tossing the ball.  The cat should be on it's back, throwing the ball up in the air with it's paws.  I'm not a big cat person, so I don't know exactly how people get their cats to do this.  ^_^
  3) Running-
- No, this is not a trick, but it will test your petz stamina and strength.  For this picture, petz should be running from left to right  --> Dogz should be looking in the direction they are running, not at the camera, but catz may be looking at the camera.  Your pet can be at any stage of it's run (with it's legs wide out or underneath it.)
  4) Jumping-
- For this trick, your pet will need to be jumping in a high arch.  They should not be taking off or landing, but should be in the middle of their jump with a nice curve in their back.  For dogz, their head must be facing the direction they're jumping, and they must be to the side of the camera.  Catz can be looking at the camera, but should still be as centered to the side of the camera as possible.  **This trick can be performed by waving a treat to the right or left of your pet.  You may need to go through all the treats before your pet actually does the right trick, but once they've got it they'll know it forever**
That's all the tricks you have to choose from!  If you think of one you'd really like to see, please email me and let me know what it is and what your standard for it is. 
--- On to the part where I tell you how judging STAR Shows works---
-When you judge STAR Showz, you must first look at the entries' pose.  Depending on how well you think the petz pose is, you give it a score of 1-10.
- Then you will look at the petz trick.  In order to score the petz trick you have to decide how well the pet is performing the trick based on the standard above.  You also award the trick a score of 1-10.
- Once you have scored both pictures, you add the two scores together to equal a maximum of 20 points.  Petz scoring 17 points or higher will move on to the winners circle and will be placed accordingly:
             BSP - Best Star Pet - 6 points
RSP - Reserve Star Pet - 5 points
SP1 - Star Pet 1 - 4 points
SP2 - Star Pet 2 - 3 points
SPHM - Star Pet Honorable Mention - 2 points
**You will give out placements of BSP-SP2 first, then you will choose out of the remaining petz to see who will receive one of 3 SPHM's.  You may have a lot of leftover entries after scoring BSP-SP2, but you may only give out a MAXIMUM of 3 SPHM's. 
- Once your pet receives 15 Star Pet (SP) points, you can apply to receive your Champion Star Pet certificate and can add ChSP to the front of your petz show name -- Ex:  ChSP TRK's Under the Same Sky
- Once your pet is titled a champion, you can enter them in champion showz, which will be judged the same as regular STAR shows, but will be open to champions only.  After your pet gets 15 ChSP points, you can apply for it's GChSP certificate (Grand Champion Star Pet) and can add GChSP before it's show name.
-Apply to become a STAR show judge-
Copy this application and send it to
- Your name
- Your URL (if applicable)
- Do you understand how STAR showz work?
- How long have you been showing in the SIAKC?
- Where will you be holding your STAR show?
- Are you willing to dedicate time to post results at the forum and keep people updated as to when your showz open and close and what pictures to include?
- Your email:
**  Show judges must post results at the forum in this manner:
BSP - TRK's Under the Same Sky - SIAKC # ST83946
   Get the point?
You have to post the results within a week after your show closes, and should open a new show within two weeks of your last one closing.
- Showz will last 2 weeks each!!!
- If you have a problem and need to postpone the show or are going out of town, please let me know!!!
- If you don't understand how these shows work but want to become a judge, please email me at and ask me your question.  I'd be glad to help you out!

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