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Entering shows explained at the SIAKC Forum

Rules for conformation sites:

Conformation sites may be held at yahoo sites, or at a personal website. You must be able to accept e-mail entries for every show, even at yahoo. GIF's and BMP's must also be able to be accepted by you. The following folders must be made at a yahoo site:
1. You must hold one show a month that will last 2 weeks
2. Report to SIAKC owners if you will be absent
3. Results must be posted within one week of closing
4. Limit of 5 dogz per breed per owner on ALL shows
5. Must post these requirements for show entries:
Show Name:
Call Name:
Owners Name & E-mail:
6. Dates and show number will be posted on site
7. Post each new show on the SIAKC forum
8. Post results on the SIAKC forum
9. Results must include the following:
Best In Show (BIS)
Second Best (SB)
Third Best (TB)
Fourth Best (FB)
Fifth Best (FIB)
Best of Breed (BOB)*
Best of Opposite Sex (BOS)*
*Only awarded if there is a breed competition, must be posted for every breed with more than 6 entries.


Breed Competition

Should there be 6 or more petz of a breed entered into a conformation show, these petz will go into a breed competition. Best of Breed (BOB) is awarded to the petz of that breed that is closet to standard. Best of Opposite Sex (BOS) is awarded to the petz that is closet to the standard, and is of opposite sex of BOB.

Both BOB and BOS get 3 points.

Group Competition

Once BOB & BOS have been awarded to any breeds with a breed competition, it is time for group competition.

If there was a breed competition for a specific group, only the BOB goes on to compete for group. All other entries are ignored.

If a breed had no breed competition, then all entries of the breed compete in their group.

The winner of each group goes on to compete for BIS

Final Winners

Best in Show (BIS) - 5 points

Second Best (SB) - 4 points

Third Best (TB) - 3 points

Fourth Best (FB) - 2 points

Fifth Best (FIB) - 1 point

Conformation Site Application: (send form to subject: Conf. Site App.)

First Name:
E-mail Address:
Kennel Name:
Site URL:
Do you understand conformation shows?
Have you shown petz before?
Do you understand the rules of running a conformation site?

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