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Here are our accepted breeds and the page where they are available. We accept only AKC recognized breeds. Note: Breeds not shown have no site with files, if you have a breed you want listed, and you know where they can be found post your information on the forum.


Afghan Hound: Wyndhaven
Affenpinscher: Raindance
Airedale: Raindance (when finished)
Akita: Raindance
Alaskan Malamute: AMCofDKC
American Foxhound: Nikki's Kennel & Cattery
American Staffordshire Terrier: Skyblue
Australian Shepherd: APKC, Sunshine Kennels
Basenji: Skyblue
Bassett Hound: Sunshine Kennels
Beagle: Skyblue
Bedlington Terrier: Wyndhaven
Bernese Mountain Dog: Sunshine Kennels, APKC
Border Collie: APKC, Skyblue
Border Terrier: Raindance, Skyblue
Borzoi: Wyndhaven
Bouvier Des Flandres: Bouvier Des Flandres CZ club
Boxer: Selectively bred~ dane-bulldog, Barnett Landing (brindle accepted)
Bulldog: P.F. Magic
Bull Terrier: The Petz Warehouse
Brittany: Skyblue
Cairn Terrier: Skyblue
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel: Wyndhaven, APKC
Chesapeake Bay Retriever: Wyndhaven, Sunshine Kennels
Chihuahua: P.F. Magic (smooth coat), SWSK (long coat)
Chinese Crested: Raindance (hairless and powderpuff)
Chow Chow: Mystic Mountain
Clumber Spaniel: Barnett Landing
Cocker Spaniel: APKC
Collie: Abnormality (rough & smooth), Sealight Kennels (smooth, preferred) Barnett Landing (rough & smooth, rough preferred over abnormality)
Dachshund: P.F. Magic (shorthaired), Barnett Landing (Longhaired & Wirehaired)
Dalmation: P.F. Magic (black spotted), Kailyn Kennels (liver spotted), Wyndhaven (liver spotted)
Doberman: Krysm (all colors accepted), Abnormality (all colors, both ears)
English Foxhound: Nikki's Kennel & Cattery
English Springer Spaniel: APKC
Flat Coated Retriever: FCKC
Fox Terrier: Raindance (smooth), Abonormality (Wirehaired)
French Bulldog: APKC
German Shorthaired Pointer: Krysm
Golden Retriever: Sunshine Kennels, Kailyn Kennels
Great Dane: P.F. Magic, Unsound Danes (all color variations), APKC (uncropped)
Greater Swiss Mountain Dog: Barnett Landing
Greyhound: Wyndhaven
Ibizan Hound: Barnett Landing
Irish Setter: Shady Hill
Irish Water Spaniel: Nikki's Kennel & Cattery
Italian Greyhound: Raindance
Jack Russell Terrier: APKC (breedz page 2 version)
Kerry Blue Terrier: Raindance
Lhasa Apso: Skyblue
Labrador: P.F. Magic
Miniature Pinscher: Barnett Landing
Miniature Schnauzer: Skyblue
Mutt: P.F. Magic
Newfoundland: Skyblue
Old English Sheepdog: P.F. Magic
Papillon: Skyblue
Pharaoh Hound: Raindance
Pekingese: Barnett Landing
Pomeranian: APKC
Poodle: P.F. Magic (Toy & Standard) Sealight Kennels (Miniature)
Portuguese Water Dog: Wyndhaven
Pug: Pugz BC
Rottweiler: Krysm
Saluki: Skyblue
Schipperke: Barnett Landing
Scottish Terrier: P.F. Magic
Shetland Sheepdog: SSAP, Barnett Landing
Shiba Inu: Raindance
Shih Tzu: APKC, Sherwood Forest Kennels (all eye colors accepted)
Siberian Husky: Sunshine Kennels
Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier: Sunshine Kennels
Spinone Italiano: Sherwood Forest Kennels
Vizla: Raindance
West Highland White Terrier: APKC
Whippit: Raindance
Yorkshire Terrier: APKC

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