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Rules for becoming a breed club:

1. Must have knowledge of showing in the SIAKC
2. Must have 4 or more registered petz of your chosen breed. One must be titled
3. Must have been in the SIAKC for a minimum of 2 months
4. Must be able to have a website or yahoo group for the breed club. (yahoo only, MSN not allowed)
5. Must be able to accept GIFs, BMPs (if on website) and JPGS (Yahoo does not accept BMPs)
6. Must know the breed standard well


1. Make a breed standard that follows AKC but is easily applied to Petz
2. Make sure there is a growing population of your breed. This means get out there and show off your breed in our conformation shows!
3. Hold one Showcase a month, shows must last for two weeks, no more, no less (unless you have spoken with an SIAKC owner or staff member)
4. Results of Showcases must be posted within one week of closing on the forum and breed club site
5. Inform SIAKC owner if you will be unable to hold a show
6. Keep members informed of shows on the forum and on your site
7. Publish closing dates when opening a show (may only last 2 weeks)


Showcases are the shows that are held in breed clubs. They are held the same as conformation shows, but recieve different awards.

Awards Given:

Best in Showcase- BSC- 4 Showcase points are given
Reserve Showcase- RSC- 3 Showcase points are given
Showcase Honourable Mention- SCHM- 2 Showcase points are given

Number of entries and points given:

0-3 entries~ no points given
4-7 entries~ BSC is awarded
8-11 entries~ BSC and RSC are awarded
12-15 entries~ BSC, RSC and one SCHM are awarded
16-19 entries~ BSC, RSC and two SCHM's are awarded
20-23 entries~ BSC, RSC and three SCHM's are awarded
24-27 entries~ BSC, RSC and four SCHM's are awarded
and so on

When a petz has gained 6 Showcase points, it is able to apply for the Showcase Champion title, and the petz can add the letters SCh. before it's name.

Showcase Entry Form:(must post this on breed club site)

Show Name:
Call Name:
Owners Name & E-mail:

Application:(send to subject: Breed Club App.)

First name: 
Kennel/Cattery URL: 
Chosen Breed: 
Breed Club Name: 
Breed Club URL (If establishment is set up yet): 
Show names and SIAKC#'s of your 4 registered petz of this breed. Indicate with an * which is titled:
Have you been showing in the SIAKC for two months or have a waver from staff? 
Do you understand our Showcases?
Waver is from:

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