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Version 1.0 Nature Scene

Welcome to SIAKC Petz. This is a page dedicated to the petz that were the inspiration of the SIA Kennel Club!

October 18th, 2002~
        Show #1 closed! See results on the conf. page and the SIAKC forum! Please check out the adoptions, there will be more up soon! I'm making room for Collies and Staffys.


Hey, my name is Tri! I'm the new mascot for SIAKC Petz! Mommy is in love with smooth coated Collies, and I was her first one! She also shares this love with another breed though *growls* and that is the American Staffordshire Terriers. This means you'll see my co-mascot around here, Fallon. Well, check out the page, and have fun!

Love Tri