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SIAKC Conformation Shows

This page is where SIAKC Petz holds SIAKC conformation shows. Please check here and the SIAKC forum for upcoming shows!

SIAKC Petz first conformation show starts today! Show dates are October 5th-October 19th! Here's the entry form, please only send gifs and bmps.
Show Name:
Call Name:
Owners Name & E-mail:
Send this information to with the subject being SIAKC Conformation (group) (i.e. SIAKC Conformation (Hound))
Limit of 5 dogz per breed per owner, file name MUST be either the dogz show name or call name that was listed in the entry form, NO NICKNAMES! No toys or clothing in picture. Show pose only.

Show #1 results:
Final Winners:
BIS: PHK's Hotter Than Heck- SIAKC#: 2058- 5 points
SB: NKC's Peti Pip- SIAKC#: 1998- 4 points
TB: Paradiz's Simple Accusation- SIAKC#: 2048- 3 points
FB: TRK's American Idol- SIAKC#: 2081- 2 points
FIB: Paradiz's Dawg With Attitude- SIAKC#: 2086- 1 point
Breed Winners:
BOB: PHK's Hotter Than Heck- SIAKC#: 2058- 2 points
BOS: PHK's Headin' North- SIAKC#: 2056- 2 points