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American Staffordshire Terrier Club of SIAKC

The ASTC Rescue Organization

On this page we have some Staffys that are in need of a forever home. If you are interested in any of them, please fill out the adoption form below. If you have a Staffy that needs a home, please fill out the submit form. Send both of these forms to The ASTC Rescue Foundation also offers a foster home service, this is an option if you submit a Staffy to the rescue foundation. If you would like to become a foster home to a rescue Staffy, please see the foster home section.

Adoption Form:
Staffys Name:
Your Name:
Why do you want to rescue this Staffy (at least 5 sentences)?
Will you return this Staffy to the ASTC Rescue Foundation if you can no longer provide a home for him/her?
Will you show this Staffy with the SIAKC if show quality?
Will you show your Staffy in ASTC Showcases if show quality?
Will you enter your Staffy in obedience shows if pet quality?
Will you give updates for 3 months, or post updates for this Staffy on your webpage?

Submit Form:
Your Name:
Staffys Name:
Show or Pet quality:
Description of Staffy(personality):
Would you be willing to hand over your Staffys file to a registered foster home to help find him a suited forever home?
Please include of a picture of your Staffy

Foster Home:
Foster homes are a great way to get to know Staffys personalities to better suit them to a forever home. When you foster a Staffy, you must take great care of it. The purpose of fostering a Staffy is to get to know everything about it and provide an update that will be posted on the rescue page so that the perfect person for that Staffy will find them. If once you give an update to me about the Staffy, and that update has been on the rescue page for more than two weeks without any response, then you may adopt the Staffy yourself. You must provide your first update within a week of recieving your fostered Staffy. You must be able to devote at LEAST 30 minutes a day to getting to know your fostered Staffy. You must also currently own, or have previously owned a Staffy and know a little about the breeds personality. Please fill out the form below and send it to to apply to be a foster home.
In your update, include the following:
Does this Staffy get along well with other dogz?
If you have catz, does this Staffy get along with them?
How would you describe this Staffys personality?
Does this Staffy have any favorite toys?
Foster Form:
Your Name:
How many petz do you own?
Do you own any Staffys?
Do you own any Catz?
Why do you want to foster a Staffy?
Will you be able to devote at least 30 minutes a day to getting to know your fostered Staffy?
Will you provide a update within 1 week of recieving your fostered Staffy?