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Judging Shows

SCh. SIA's Sweet Inspiration
This page will explain how to judge conformation shows and will also illustrate how to post results at the forum.

Breed Competitions:

Should there be six or more petz of a breed entered into a conformation show, these petz will go into a breed competition. Best of Breed (BOB) is awarded to the petz of that breed that is closet to standard. Best of Opposite Sex (BOS) is awarded to the petz that is closet to the standard, and is of opposite sex of BOB.

Both BOB and BOS get three points.

Group Competition:

Once BOB & BOS have been awarded to any breeds with a breed competition, it is time for group competition.

If there was a breed competition for a specific group, only the BOB goes on to compete for group. All other entries are ignored.

If a breed had no breed competition, then all entries of the breed compete in their group.

The winner of each group goes on to compete for BIS.

Final Winners:

Best In Show (BIS) - 5 points

Second Best (SB) - 4 points

Third Best (TB) - 3 points

Fourth Best (FB) - 2 points

Fifth Best (FIB) - 1 point

Result Example:


BIS: SIA's Major of Justice - SIAKC#2140- 5 pts.
SB: NKC's Peti Pip- SIAKC#1998- 4 pts.
TB: Elysium's Nestor Hevelius- SIAKC#2143- 3 pts.
FB: SIA's Tri Guy- SIAKC#2135- 2 pts.
FIB: Espirit Mighty Bull of SIA- SIAKC#2133- 1 pt.

Best of Breed Competitions:

American Staffordshire Terrier:

BOB: SIA's Give it a Chance- SIAKC#2020- 3 pts.
BOS: Espirit Little Lily of SIA- SIAKC#2040- 3 pts.